It is all about doing your homework with consumers.  It is no longer acceptable to simply look at data or have someone fill out a survey to get to this deep level of understanding.  It takes more to make that connection that will set your product or brand apart from the plethora of other copycats out there.  You need to dig deeper and investigate not only what is happening in the space you are playing, but why.  What is happening in society or directly in your consumer’s lives that is impacting their decision making process?  What are the fundamental beliefs of your audience now and more importantly what will they be in the future?

It takes not only a deep understanding of the factors that are driving your market, but what the market is as well.  Consumers are exposed to thousands of messages a day and you need to understand what speaks to them and how to make the connections that go deeper than simply looking or tasting good.  By deeply investigating the “why” in which consumers make decisions and understanding what in popular culture is driving these choices we are able to establish these true bonds that connect with consumers.

This is achieved by fully investigating and understanding the market in which your product or brand completes, their demographic and psychographic profiles that shape their lifestyle choices and the emotional triggers that drive these decisions.  Only by this deep investigation process can we get to the level of understanding and connection that is required in today’s fast paced and demanding world.

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