It’s all about that one discovery that can change the outcome of a criminal case or dramatically influence the way that we live and act in society.  That one nugget of insight that makes a consumer look at a product or service and say to themselves, “wow, this was designed for me and I didn’t even know that I needed it”.  It is during these true moments of discovery that the top products and brands in the world shine.  They understand the relationship that they need to live with their consumers and most importantly, how to embrace and grow it.

True discovery can come in many forms and from different areas of discussion and engagements with consumers.  The science comes from understanding where to go to find this rich information and which of the many methods is the right way to research, communicate with and learn about consumers.  Without this juicy data you are not able to draw real and meaningful conclusions, but only noise and chatter.  It’s at this point where forensic marketing and the true art of the discovery process comes in with the identification of the major pain points and moments of disappointment that consumers are feeling with the product or service and what makes them come back.  When these rare nuggets have been identified it is only then that real, honest and long lasting connections are made.

Forensic marketing utilizes multiple scientific and technological approaches to identifying and interpreting these true “wow moments”.  These are the foundation from which successful campaigns or product development efforts are launched.

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