During the investigation process it is critical to dig deep into the personality of the consumer and it isn’t until this discovery phase where you understand what is truly important to them.  This is critical in being able to finally make these strong connections and exploit them in the correct way.  Now you are able to begin to align your attributes with the consumer’s expectations.  This connection stage is where the rubber starts to hit the road.

Being able to perform research is the easy part; the true enlightenment comes from the execution of what you have discovered.  The ability to piece together a story from the information and communicate it to the consumer is extremely difficult.  This connection not only needs to be clear and concise, but it needs to be meaningful and moving.  If the connection comes across as fake, leading or satisfying only a goal for the company it will not last.  True followers will see right through this and look onto the next flavor of the week that can temporarily satisfy the need.

True connections speak the consumer’s language; they are providing solutions that make their lives easier and more fulfilling.  These connections are living and breathing the lifestyle chosen by the consumer and influencing their future choices.  They dig deep into non-conscious thoughts and become the consumer’s language and purpose; they are the consumer’s DNA.

It is only through the utilization of both scientific and technological tools that we able to break down the human genome into it’s parts and it is only through Forensic marketing we are able to break down the consumer’s DNA into a comprehensive and meaningful plan of action.

These are the connections that are created through forensic marketing.  Come and take a journey into the consumer genome and achieve the success you are truly looking for.

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