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I am a forensic marketer.  I am story teller.  I am a popular culture entrepreneur.  I am a creator of all things delicious and yummy.  I am a idea generator.  I am a futurist.  I am a Marketer.

At the heart of everything, I am human.  I love people, I love to observe and get down to the core of what makes us all tick.  I love to go beyond the data and answer the question of why we do the things we do, but what’s next.

I have had the pleasure of spending the last twenty-five years exploring every area that the marketing world has to offer from traditional qualitative and quantitative based market research, consumer insights, brand/product management and new product development to culinary innovation, sensory analysis, ideation and advertising creating proprietary tools and approaches used to develop new products, customer targeting, sales forecasting and strategic initiatives.

I have held multiple leadership roles and led the business and strategic development of category, brand and consumer platforms across the foodservice, retail, B2C and B2B environments.

My kids and family call me Willy Wonka. 

I have spent the past ten years in the flavor and fragrance industry working with fortune 500 companies and over 100 major brands in the food and beverage space leading ideation, promotions, branding campaigns and strategic sessions in the areas of new product development, line extensions, concept development, menu innovation, and other market research capacities launching multiple products, technologies and ingredients.  Many of these product and brand concepts have exceeded $100M in sales and are still on the shelves today including the brands listed below as well as many others.

In a nutshell, I am a marketer.  I am a leader in developing and implementing marketing strategies that connect with consumer unmet needs to drive repeat purchase for major brands delivering over 150 million smiles to date.

I am a consumer behavior and insights expert with expertise to translate the voice of the consumer into successful products and services.

I am a short and long term strategic planner with analytical capabilities to build and implement data-driven action plans to deliver solid business results.

I am a popular culture entrepreneur and forensic marketer linking the non-conscious and conscious decision-making process to deliver improved consumer experience.

I am a storyteller, blender of data, technology and market research methods to build fact-based platforms.

I am here to help you, make the connections that matter and build the platforms to make your next idea, concept of product successful.


Banks Brands


Contact me for your next project:

David Banks

Mobile: 937-219-0399


Projects and skills:

  • Website & Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Support
  • Market Sizing and Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Consumer and Market Trends
  • New Product Development
  • Futures Research
  • Menu Analysis & Culinary Innovation
  • Focus Groups & Ideation Sessions
  • Speaking Engagements
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