Kiss me, I’m Irish.   At least for today

It’s amazing how many people suddenly become Irish on March 17th.  Even if your great, great, great Grandma knew an Irish guy in her town, you are magically transformed into a leprechaun and have green Irish blood running through your veins.  Actually, according to the US Census, only 32.7 million US residents claimed Irish ancestry in 2015. This is more than seven times the population of Ireland (4.6 million), but less than 10% of the US population, so why is it that we all want to be Irish for the day.  

I thinks it’s the Guinness.   In fact, according to USA Today over 13 million pints of this lovely, black gold will be consumed on St. Patrick’s Day.  

Since I am, at least 1/6th Irish, I find it appropriate and a ancestral necessity to support the other 56% of Americans who plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but do we really know why?  Do you know who St. Patrick was and why we plan to fork out over $5.3B in 2017in his holy name?  

Like over 30% of US households who plan to cook a special meal for St. Patty’s Day, my daughter Cate and I figured it appropriate to showcase our favorite Irish dish, Shepard’s pie, with you today from our favorite crazy chef and useles vat of food knowledge Alton Brown.  His recipe, while is traditional in spirit, always has an Alton flare that adds that tasty amount of yum that Cate and I both enjoy.

I also figured it appropriate to attach yet another set of useless St. Pattys Day knowledge for the reading enjoyment.    

Enjoy this recipe, a room temperature pint of Guinness and top of the morning to you.

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