The Amazon Dash Button – The Future of Ultra-Convenience

The future is here.  Anything you need at the push of a button.  No thinking, no long lines, rude cashiers or wasted time.  The dash button is the next big technology break through that will revolutionize the way that consumers shop, think, order and buy their groceries.  This device takes ultra-simplicity to the next level by not only reminding you with the brand logo attached to your washing machine or cookie jar, but with one simple push of a button, your products are magically delivered to your door within two days.

Amazon offers over 500 products across 100 different brand buttons ranging from Huggies and Tide to Doritos and Red Bull with new buttons getting added daily.  ConAgra just added four buttons supporting their Hunt’s and Slim Jim brands.  Amazon hasn’t been vocal about their sales, but did report that Dash sales have grown 75% in the past three months and they have shipped from 300,000-500,000 buttons since last October.

Amazon has done a great job of taking the traditional club store format and putting it on-line and on-demand.  Who would have imagined that people would pay a premium to order something on-line?  Well, Bezos has again created another way to make our lives easier and gain a few bucks in the process with his Amazon Prime platform.  He has beautifully crafted a way for the consumer to enjoy premium services and benefits for doing something that they were already planning to do, shop.  Since I haven’t seen the statistics I cannot say that this model is making money, but we do know that the membership model at Costco and Sam’s Club is a main source of income for these retailers and since the net worth of Jeff Bezos was recently valued at over $50 billion by Forbes magazine I would say his e-commerce platform is doing something right.

What’s next?  Since we already have wearable technology that tells us to exercise and keeps track of our steps and calories, our heart rate and other vital statistics the sky is the limit.  Soon, this data will be communicated openly and freely to our insurance companies to determine our premiums or our doctors to determine our treatment plans.  With convenience comes freedom and with freedom comes access to your personal data.  

This is the future, this is the new reality, this is the new convenience, but it will be customized specifically for you, so breath easy and shop away.  I plan to start tomorrow with my first button for Charmin, because you never want to run out of toilet paper and just use your imagination where that button will be stuck.  

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