The Five Napkin Burger

Why would I come all the way to New York to get a burger? Because I wanted a burger that was dripping with flavor and oozing with everything that NYC has to offer. The excitement of multiple flavors living harmoniously together in an orchestra of delicious decadence.

I also was looking to spend at least $20 on a burger.

The burger thing still keeps trucking along and by the looks of the Five Napkin burger on Monday night this place is one to not pass up on your next visit.

I was awaiting the delivery of my original five napkin burger like a hyena on the seringetti awaiting its next kill. My eyes are drawn to the track lighting and the decor that tame my hunger until the burger arrives.

They swiftly swoosh the burger in front of me and despite the exploding ketchup that coated my khakis and the guy next to me’s shoes like a good shine, the experience was excellent. The burger was dripping with gruyere cheese and caramelized onions that melted in your mouth.

The pink tinted beef and soft sweet, white bun complimented the experience and left me both fat and happy.

Yes, it took me five napkins to enjoy.



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