The Power of Positivity

Avas window

Beautifully Broken – by Ava Banks my 8 year old daughter with help from Grandpa Tom Lolan at Lolan Photography

Without both a positive and a negative connection, a light bulb cannot shine and show its true beauty.  I feel the same applies to life, you need the negative to make you realize just how bright and amazing the positive aspects can be.  Sometimes this can be the simple smile or laughter you hear from your kids as they are making jokes or a simple hug from your spouse.  It can be the beauty of a blanketing snow on every tree, every wire and every piece of earth that is in sight.  It only takes these small moments to make us realize that despite the negativity that snow brings like the mud and the cold or the loud and annoying squeals that two young girls can create, there is a magical thing that is created with it.

Whether it is a business plan gone array or a baking disaster, find the positive in the negative outcome.  It might lead to another way of thinking or a new process.  It might take you down a completely different path than where you started.  That is the beauty of the disastrous discovery.  It allows for beautiful things to come from ugliness.

I recently read a post from a Swedish company named Innovation Management about three characteristics that all great innovators possess:

1-childlike wonder

2-try and try again

3-don’t just dream, dream big.

I agree completely with this.  As we go through life, we seem to forget about dreaming and what it means to be a kid.  There is something amazingly beautiful about being naive.  As adults, we lose the gift of positivity, simplicity and creativity.  We get tarnished by the bad things that happen in our lives and let negativity rule our decisions and mindset.  True innovators never let the world tarnish their childish view of the world, they get knocked down and get back up to get knocked down again.  They’re drivers, they feed on this failure and make it work to their advantage.

Think about all of the great innovators throughout history, they spent plenty of time and money failing before finally finding the secret to success.  With each failure they inched closer and closer to jumping out of the window, but with endless desire and passion they were able to see the positivity, they stuck it out and amazing things came to life.

So in this world where we have taught an entire generation of kids that failure is not an option, it will be interesting to see what the millennials will do when they are faced with failure and their parents are not there to argue for them or solve their problems.  We need to make sure that we are teaching our future generation the importance that you will not always be #1 or be successful on the first try.  You need to try and try again, find the glimmer of hope in each of these glorious failures and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Embrace the negativity and make it positive.

People, instant positive gratification does not apply for everything in life and you will have some bad times along the way.  It may take a while before you are a master at something.  It won’t come overnight through osmosis.  I have to remind my kinds of this often.  Hendrix didn’t just pick up a guitar and become an expert, he spent years practicing, screwing up and falling down (literally) until he crafted all of his failures and revolutionized the electric guitar.  He broke down barriers and stereotypes in the music world and blew people’s minds.

Positivity can be a very powerful weapon so arm yourself and spread it everywhere.  It might just amaze you how things don’t seem as bad in the world as you think and you live on to enjoy another day filled with its own beautiful disasters.

Have a great weekend.

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