New Hats for a New Year


New hats for a new year. Once again the symbolism is so elegantly peeking through by virtue of new hats. Out with the old, in with the new.  New hats representing new beginnings and new possibilities. Regardless of what we choose to celebrate in the month of December we love to postpone the “new beginning.”  We hear the verbiage all around us “I’ll start my diet tomorrow” and “I’ll workout after the new year.”  The anticipation of a new start is in the air and the motivation is stirring. We are all fluttering with the excitement of a new beginning and a clean slate for another year that will bring more possibilities than the last.

The diet commercials are filling the airwaves with encouraging promises of a motivating start to 2013. Make this the year.  A brand campaign that I find rather nicely done is the recent Special K message. Having people weigh themselves in Times Square with messages of encouragement.  I have seen this commercial about seven times in the past 18 hours so they understand the importance of timing with consumers and despite the overly obvious messaging the commercial is rather nicely done. Personalizing a weight loss program to the individual based around their goals, their lifestyle with personalized messages of encouragement is a great concept. Customizing and focusing on the positive reinforcement rather than the negative is the right path for a positive future.

As we enter a new year, we continue to evolve the personal health care message from a negative concept like dieting, into weight loss and whole health.  Branding is creating a message for consumers to focus on the positive outcomes of mind, body and health.  Makes sense.  The human soul has a stronger urge to fulfill positive outcomes rather than negative ones.  Our brains our wired to succeed when we are constantly being sent positive reinforcement.  The marketing arena has caught on to the fact that much like a child sitting in the classroom who wants to be praised and told they can succeed, the brand message also needs to send a message of positivity and inspiration to its audience encouraging success for the new year. We rely on this passive encouragement to sustain our resolutions and goals.  The brand message becomes a partner as to how an individual will define and achieve success in the new year.  At least the goal of a good brand is to form this partnership.  A relationship one might say, but not an unhealthy reliance.

As we enter 2013, new hopes and dreams are filling our minds.  Take a few extra minutes every day for yourself and make this YOUR YEAR.  Focus on the positive influences.  Focus on the positive experiences and maintain the plans you set in January.  It is always difficult to get a treadmill or a bike at the gym in January, but it amazingly begins to open and by March you seem to have no problem finding a spot.  Most of us procrastinate and give up because we forget about the good things that we can do and focus on the painful journey.  Don’t give up!  The end result is worth it.  I wish you much success in choosing your brand partnerships along the way.

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