There’s an app for that, right? (The best 50 free app’s of 2012 according to

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I feel that we live in a society that believes that there is an app for everything.  The next generation of children thinks that all of life’s problems can be solved by an app.  That the Apple mothership is going to one day pull us up from wherever we are, locating us by the GPS function in our iPhone’s to connect us with something that is bigger and greater.

Well I’ve got news for everybody out there that believes that the world’s problems can be solved by an app, it’s called reality.  We need to work hard as a society to address these problems in the world and make sure that they are taken care of.  We cannot continue to believe that someone else or something else will take care of them for us.

The simple development of the app itself captures the entire entrepreneurial spirit that this country was founded upon.  The drive to have a happy and successful life and create a world that is better for our children than it was for us.  The development of something that makes our lives easier is exactly what we strive for on a consistent basis.  Just remember these apps don’t develop themselves. They are developed by smart people, enthusiastic people.  These hard-working individuals stay up nights and days on end and work endless hours to make sure that we have the ability to find out how many of our friends are located within a mile from us.

They make sure that we understand how many calories we ate at lunch or how many minutes it takes for someone to go to the restroom.  They enlighten us with the complexities of exploring the solar system by simply aiming our phones in the air and keep us entertained with angry birds and popping fake plastic bubble wrap.  They have the ability to both amaze and entertain.  That is their beauty.

However, in a generation built on instant gratification and mobile technology we need to realize that it takes hard work for something to actually come to life.  We need to understand and teach our kids that not every day is great, not every day is easy and not everything can be solved by an app.  We cannot hide behind our iPhone and pretend that we don’t see the person next to us.

Here’s am experiment for us all to try.  Tomorrow, try putting your phone down or in your pocket as you are out shopping or waiting in line for the Hobbit premiere.  Try actually looking up to say hello to the person next to you.  You might realize that the world’s problems could be solved by a simple smile and a few kind words, instead of a complex algorithmic formula or code chain.

The iPhone is an amazing device.  Technology is a beautiful thing.  We just cannot forget what created it in the first place – human thought, ingenuity, hard work and a drive for a better world.  Regardless of how we all feel about this technological world we live in I am also a tech geek who loves the iphone.  It has transformed how we interact with each other as much as it’s older brother, the ipod, did to revolutionize how we listen and share music.  This is the world we live in and love and one I look forward to for the future.

For everyone looking to score the best app’s for the new year, I have a review of the top 50 apps of 2012 as decided by experts at PC Magazine.  Enjoy. The 50 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2012

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