Differentiation – How to be a Colorful Pineapple

How do we stand out from the crowd?

What sets us apart from the rest of the herd?

Sometimes all it takes  to differentiate is a simple phrase like, “leggo my eggo” or “they’re grrreat” to embed a vision of a product into our minds and start to make our mouth’s water. Even the snap, crackle popping sounds of rice crispies can pound that brand’s image into our subconscious like a tribal drum. It brings us back to childhood breakfasts and our first home run. It differentiates by connecting that jingle or phrase into our life’s memories. It brings us back and pushes us forward with a few simple words or sounds.

Other times it only takes a hint of color to transform the faint into the fabulous. The color of Tiffany blue (Pantone #1837 to be exact) can make a woman’s heart race like Secretariat to the Triple Crown and a man’s wallet cringe by its sheer presence.  Red, the most emotional and powerful of all colors, shows it’s supremacy in brands like Target, Colgate, Hane’s, KFC, Toro, Virgin and Coke Cola. This color has dominanted the brand scene over the past millennium and will continue to influence many more in the years to come.   What will be the next red?  Color can differentiate by it’s simple existence and connect with consumers in ways they didn’t even know were possible. Colors can transport us to safe relaxing places with hues of green and blue and give us energy and confidence to take on the world with bright oranges, reds and yellows.   It can be very influential into our purchases and help us to find a product on a saturated shelf.

Differentiation could be as simple as a swoosh, a golden arch, a red cross or a white apple to communicate to the world what millions of dollars in advertising could never touch upon. These symbols have earned a place setting at the “global” dinner table and are hard to forget. They cut deep into our emotional spectrum and make themselves known beyond the other 2,000 messages and images we are exposed to each day. They are simple, effective and impactful. They pull themselves away from the pack with easy to identify symbols of the culture from which they rose.  They connect the obvious with the brands core values and communicate to the consumer it’s true self in one proverbial image.

Differentiation in this complex world is critical to the success of a brand, a company or even an individual. With the internet serving as a breeding ground for personal branding it is even more important that you stand out in today’s world.  You need to scream louder. You need to become a symbol, a color, a QR code, a memory. It worked for Prince, so why not you. Creating your personal brand is a foundation of differentiating yourself from the rest of the wolf pack. It’s the phrases, colors and symbols that make up your personal brand’s DNA and that will make you shine through

So unleash your differentiation and not just be another statistic. Let the investigation begin and let me help to uncover what you stand for and how to make your statement to the world. Contact me at dabanks4u@yahoo.com to devlop your differentiating communication plan.

Photo credit: Tom Lolan / http://www.lolanphoto.com

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