Do we play it safe?


Why does the turnip intrigue me? It’s the vegetable that can be difficult to find in the grocery aisle and is oddly shaped. It’s underused, underappreciated and unfortunate in many dishes.

If you want to play it safe you don’t choose the turnip.

Yeah, the turnip is not the “safe” choice. I like that. I can appreciate that. I can relate to the turnip. Until this point in my life I had felt underused and underappreciated in the corporate world. I have a mind that was being used for the “safe” routes of business.

I’m a marketing guy. I live for words like trending, analytics, consumer habits, and targeting. The word “safe” is a struggle for me. Safe, by my marketing definition, correlates to a lackluster ROI.

Risk. Don’t you just prefer the sound of it? So often we have a product, we need to get it to market but we want to play it safe. Play it safe because we’ve invested time, money and resources into development. Safe, because the process tells us that this product has an 80% approval rating and 2/3 of respondents state that they are “very likely to purchase”.  At the end of the day consumers say one thing and do something completely different, but the data tells us that it’s a safe bet. 

Don’t get me wrong. Data is good. I’ve built a career on market research platforms that identify CPG target audiences. But here’s an epiphany…marketing is an art and a science. It’s a combination of playing it safe and taking risk. We talk a good talk in the marketing world but are we willing to put ourselves out there to get results? 

Forensic marketing. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s no longer enough to pull spreadsheets, create brand awareness and place media with the assumption that all of this will pay off in the long run. Forensic marketing is a combination of playing it safe and taking a risk. Are you intrigued?  Send me an email and let’s talk.



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