Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Cute, Cute


The Internet is a truly amazing place. It is filled with a treasure trove of facts, figures and data that can help us collaborate on medical conditions, compare notes with global counterparts on the history of organized labor or allow for thousands of bank transactions to take place in a matter of seconds. The Internet can be used for trading billions of dollars in commerce or Grateful Dead bootlegs and holds data on almost everything imaginable.

Despite all of this data flowing down the information superhighway I never realized just how amazing the internet was until last night. My eight year old daughter turned me onto the most insightful find of my lifetime. Fuzzy, fuzzy, cute,cute on YouTube. This video changed my life.

Check this out on YouTube:

My only thought about this video is that, this is America. Only in America can a video of this caliber get almost seven million hits. Only in America can someone work with cute, fuzzy animals and produce such a masterpiece. I just want to know how the creator got those mice to sit still for so long in that movie theater and that baby chicken to dance so smoothly.

The beauty of this country is there is a avenue for this video to be created, viewed and discussed. Despite the election outcome and the direction we are going, these fundamental values of freedom, creativity, ingenuity and choice that make America the best place on earth will not change with or be changed by any administration.

So, in light of a long and stressful week enjoy this forty seconds of annoyingly amusing, fuzzy, cuteness.

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