Fennel isn’t for the weak of heart

I had a salad last night. An incredible salad. Upon appearance it was green and completely lacking in the complimentary colors we come to expect to see in a salad. No orange, red or yellow. Just green with a light iridescence from the oil glaze. When the fork reached my mouth all visual symmetry was lost and my nose and tongue took over. I smelled pepper, lemon, garlic and fresh arugula and a mysterious note. The once bland salad had become a garden potpourri of sensory delight. And then it happened.

The smells entered my mouth to form flavor.  About 60 to 70 percent of taste is aroma. I’m a big fan of using the nose to compliment whatever is going into my mouth.  The mouth, alone, cannot be congratulated for every savory experience I encounter. What happened next was fennel. Fennel: beautiful, exotic, poised, spicy and sophisticated.

A brilliant combination, fennel became a new best friend to accompany my salad journey. It had a welcome crunch that didn’t disappoint and licorice-like flavor that let me know it wasn’t in the same league as my usual color ingredients. Salads like I had last night will heighten my senses to a new level of awareness and desire. Last night all it took was fennel.

I awoke this morning still thinking about fennel. I remembered a picture my father-n-law had taken a while back. He’s an audiologist by trade, however, his passion lies in photography. He’s inexplicably good at photographing food. His fennel picture captures all of its beauty and grace.

Fennel…in a league of its own.



  1. Linda bean says:

    Great job


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