Coffee = Awesomeness

I love to start my day like millions of other Americans with a steaming hot cup of coffee. What is it about coffee that makes us all feel like our day cannot start without it?

Coffee has an image. It’s cool, hip, fun. It mysterious and exotic. It comes from far away places and has fancy names like robusta and arabica. That just sounds foreign and high class.

For some, it’s the aroma. Aroma is a critical part of the tasting experience, but there is something deeper with coffee. It gives us the energy and confidence to go out and take on the world. It provides us that wake up call that the day has begun and I am ready.

For others, it all about the ritual. Some cannot even start the day without their daily cup. We are ritualistic creatures by nature. By having our daily tasks and procedures we feel like we are ready for the world and all of it’s challenges. Me, being one of those fortunate souls, finds the “reason for living” in each cup of Joe.

Some like the taste. There are a tremendous amount of flavor notes that live in the coffee bean that our noses and taste buds pick up -nutty, sweet, ash tray, spicy, flowery, fruity, sour. We even go so far as to call out it’s phenolic, alliaceous and turpeny notes. Entire languages and wheels have been developed to help us describe our favorite variety with the same level of sophistication and class as a Sommelier does with a bottle of Bordeaux. We classify by roasting type, region, altitude, soil and bean type and with over 1,000 chemicals being found in roasted coffee there is no question as to why are able to talk about it in such great depth.

Let’s not forget the most important reason, image. It’s become very cool to drink coffee. It’s a badge to have that $4 green and white cup in your hand. It proves that you are hip, knowledgeable and in the know. Starbucks has built an empire on this premise and made it as cool in the 21st century to have a bean cellar as it was to have a wine cellar in the 20th. We have trained our kids on it and many are dreaming to become the next top barista or latte artist in the country at Coffeefest in Seattle.

Regardless of how you look at it, coffee is here to stay. It’s the second largest traded commodity in the world next to oil raking in over $7B in US retail sales in 2011.

To end your morning, here are few facts about coffee that you need to know so as you sit back and enjoy your cup(s) today, you can feel confident that it doesn’t only taste great, but it’s also fairly good for you.

1) Recent studies have shown that coffee may have health benefits to protect against Parkison’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver cancer.

2) Coffee has been proven to increase dopamine levels in the body, which essentially makes you happier.

3) Coffee increases short term recall and improves reaction time.

4) Coffee can increase sex drive – researchers have long known that drinking coffee can make you frisky by increasing blood flow to the genitals

Happy Cupping!


  1. awesome start to MY day, Dave!


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